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Hire Related Questions

When is my deadline to hire a wetsuit?

How do I know what size wetsuit I need to hire?

Do I pay a deposit?

Why is postage £13.99?

What wetsuit will I receive?

How do I return my hired wetsuit?

What is the returns address?

Can I purchase my suit at the end of the hire period?

Why should I use a Tri specific wetsuit?

Top tips for putting it on?

Purchase Related Questions

How do I select the proper size?

Does Hireawetsuit sell exhire wetsuits?

My wetsuit feels too tight and/ or uncomfortable. What should I do?

How do I put on my wetsuit?

How do I care for my wetsuit?

What is the return/ exchange policy on purchased wetsuits?

What are the payment policies?

What are the shipping policies?

Swim Related Questions

Do I need a wetsuit?

Where can I hire/ buy a wetsuit?

Can I use my surfing or shortie wetsuit?

What do I wear underneath my wetsuit?

Can I swim in a pool with my wetsuit?

Can I use any stroke during the swim?

How can I improve my stroke?



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